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Frequently Asked Questions CMMB digital TV explained
What is the CMMB?
CMMB is the acronym in English ChinaMobileMultimediaBroadcasting short, which means China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting TV. CMMB mainly for mobile phones, PDA and other small-screen portable handheld devices such as terminals and car TV broadcast TV service. CMMB's main features are:
(1) provides digital broadcast television programs, comprehensive information and emergency broadcast services, satellite transmission and terrestrial networks to achieve a combination of seamless collaboration coverage, support public services.
(2) to support mobile phone, PDA, MP3, MP4, digital cameras, notebook computers and in cars, trains, ships, aircraft on the small receiving terminal, to receive video, audio, data and other multimedia services.
(3) using proprietary mobile multimedia broadcasting technology, the system operational, maintenance, management, and has broadcast, two-way services can be gradually extended according to operational requirements.
(4) support the combination of central and local operating system, with encrypted authorization control management system, unified standards and unified operational support, enabling users to roam the country.
(5) system safe and reliable, with security capabilities, has good scalability, to adapt mobile multimedia broadcasting technology and business development requirements.
CMMB how the system structured?
CMMB a "one world" of the technical system, namely: the use of high-power S-band satellite covering 100% of the land, the use of ground cover in densely populated cities in the network effective coverage area, using two-way return channel interact to form a one-way broadcast and two-way interactive combination of the combination of central and local system of seamless coverage. The overall composition of CMMB shown in Figure 1. Composition of the CMMB system, CMMB signals mainly by the S-band satellite coverage network and the U-band ground cover Network coverage. S-band satellite network broadcast channels for direct reception, Ku-band uplink, S-band downlink; points added to forward the letter to receive Road to the ground, Ku-band uplink, Ku-band downlink, added to the network from the ground into S-band transponder sent to the CMMB terminal . Densely populated urban areas for the realization of mobile multimedia broadcasting TV signals effective coverage, the use of U-band wireless transmitter and the construction of the ground floor U-band network coverage.
What is mobile TV, CMMB mobile TV is that?
Mobile TV is the use of mobile phones to watch TV programs. CMMB is a mobile multimedia broadcasting system, mainly for mobile phones, PDA, MP4, laptop computers, digital cameras, navigation systems and other small screen, portable hand-held mobile terminals, and car terminals television broadcast services. Phone is only one receiving terminal. Therefore, to be exact, CMMB mobile TV is not just.
CMMB number of sets of programs, what programs?
CMMB provides radio and television programs copy number, and channel bandwidth, modulation parameters, audio and video encoding bit rate and other factors. Usually in a traditional television channel bandwidth of 8 MB, you can transfer at least 8 sets of 10 sets of television shows and radio programs. Specific number of programs and program content determined according to specific local conditions.
CMMB is based on traffic charge?
No. CMMB is broadcast, this and the existing mobile communication network to provide television service completely different, so do not follow the flow of charge.
CMMB different places have very different charges?
CMMB is a unified technical standards, support the whole network, the national roaming. According to the different business, local fees and charges may be slightly different, but there is not much difference.
What is the CA encryption?
CMMB digital TV just in time to pilot the source are free, in 2009, began to encryption, encryption devices need to support CA in order to watch in 2010 will begin to start charging, in order to distinguish between paid and non-paying customers Therefore, the design of the CA encryption certificate fee in the CMMB digital TV programs, you need equipment with CA card (internal or external), and only after payment of charges to watch encrypted channels.
CA installed? How to view the card?
CA currently two types of cards, external and built-in. CA external appearance and TF card memory card is the same as the card is printed on the packaging of the card number, through the TF slot to install the equipment; built-in CA card production has been integrated in the device, so device outside entities do not see the card, it's CA CMMB TV card number can be within the view menu interface.
CMMBCA decryption card
CA CMMB mobile TV decryption card for CMMB mobile TV terminals, and for some of the city of CMMB terminals encrypted!
China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting TV card is in the CMMB mobile TV terminals (mobile phones, GPS, PMP, MP4, MP5, TV stick, etc.) use user management card. Users to use this card with the CMMB mobile TV terminals will be able to quickly and easily complete tuning radio and television programs, really enjoy watching TV anytime anywhere fun!
Name: Original CA card (CMMB decryption card)
Cards: CA kcal (with a decryption, descrambling dual function)
Card Type: TF interface card (MICROSD interface card)
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