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Markets a wide range of GPS chip solution
Turning the key GPS chip technology, which includes responsibility for baseband signal processing ─ (Baseband) and reception of signals ─ radio frequency (RF). The GPS signal frequency (1,575.42 MHz) from the ground from an altitude of 20,000 km, the signal is very unstable, so the day after the signal line after receiving a series of signal amplification, filtering noise, reduced frequency, sampling and other processes (RFfrontend), then through the RF, the signal into the baseband processing section, the digital signal through the front sampling operation, the output to the user interface used, which is the core component GPSBasebandDSP chip is responsible for the address signal processing.
    Based on the above point of view, 2 RF and baseband parts, including: the microprocessor (Microprocessor), low noise amplifier (LowNoiseAmplifier; LNA), the digital part (DigitalSection) RF part (RFSection), antenna (AntennaElement), output into the drive (GPIOandDrivers), and the microprocessor peripheral circuits (Processorperipherals), and several other important components.
    All kinds of market integration of GPS chip solution, making the GPS chip market is facing great variable. The first is "small" and recalled the history of GPS chips in recent years, with the GPS and other products have been combined, and stressed the emphasis on light, small volume of end products, GPS chips into a single chip of the system is inevitable. At present manufacturers of single-chip for the GPS approach, can be divided into single-chip RF or baseband, and integrate more functionality.
    Part of the RF chip, there are many manufacturers amplifiers, filters, down converter, frequency synthesizer and oscillator integrated in a chip; in the baseband part, is to integrate the CPU, memory (DRAM, SRAM, Flash), PowerManager and Clock and so on.
    Thus, we see shrinking size of GPS chips, GPS chips from the two-module with the development of a single module (Singlechip), the next GPS device will be more robust product development, chip demand is growing. In addition, GPS chips will also face the need to customize the past, mostly in the car with the GPS chip on the market. Currently, GPS chip applications, has begun to be used in mobile phones and PDA, or special devices carried by individuals, such as: the elderly, children on the use of tracking devices. The GPS chip may also be other functions, such as Bluetooth, USB, etc. integration. Therefore, applications designed for specific customized modules, will also be increasing.
    GPS chip into the world or in the development of mostly foreign companies, such as: SiRF, TI, Xemics, Freescale, STM and other manufacturers have introduced GPS chip, which SiRF GPS chips for the world's largest manufacturers, product lines rather complete, and can provide a full range of solutions. This article will present a variety of GPS applications on the market than by the chip, and for their characteristics and structure to provide a complete product analysis.
    SiRF: starIILP
    SiRFstarIILP is a high sensitivity GPS chip solutions, powerful GPS feature can be used include: handheld devices, automotive, marine and AVL applications, if coupled with high-performance GPS software, it will cause the mobile consumer devices that can grow continued use of the time in any place. SiRFstarII is the world's most power-efficient chips, one receiving 12 satellites simultaneously, in line with NMEA0183 (v3.0) agreement.
    . Type: SiRFstarIILP
    . Sensitivity:-159dBm
    . Features: low power, high performance, in line with NMEA0183 (3.0)
    . Size: 28mm × 30mm × 5mm
    . Accuracy: Position: 15 ~ 20m
    . Operating voltage: 3.0V
. Receiving Channel: 12 satellite channels
    SiRF: starIII
    Has a 140-pin GPS signal processor also includes a 50MHzARM7TDMI processor, OEM manufacturers can integrate a variety of applications. The GSC3f four million yuan for integrated flash memory, no longer need the other components, thus simplifying the circuit board GPS receivers to the relevant circuit design.
    In addition, SiRFstarIII fast TTFF also the first time targeting, and reduce the footprint than the SiRF about 20% of the hardware space, but also the SiRFstarII power than the previous generation, except in the car navigation applications for handheld devices, other special applications such as: ultra-small mobile phones, power-constrained smart devices or digital cameras.
    . Type: SiRFstarIII
    . Sensitivity:-159dBm
    . Features: power, simplifying circuit design
    . Size: 27.9mm × 20mm × 2.9mm
    . Accuracy: Position: 10 ~ 20m
    . Operating voltage: 3.3V
    . Receiving Channel: 20 satellite channels
    Sony: CXD2951
    CXD2951 Sony advanced RFCMOS to block signal processing design, has high sensitivity, minimal power consumption and high performance. And in micro-GPS module to step 14 × 23 × 1.8mm, the passive antenna integrated GPS, and other car through QS9000/TS16949 verify the new LSI configuration is ideal for a wide range of location-based applications, such as: cars, hand-held equipment, marine , fleet management and mobile computer processing technology and equipment.
    . Type: CXD2951
    . Sensitivity:-152dBm
    . Features: Start short reaction time, power
    . Size: 14mm × 23mm × 1.8mm
    . Accuracy: Position: 5 ~ 15m
    . Operating voltage: 3.3V
    . Receiving Channel: 12 satellite channels
    Nemerix: NJ1006 + NJ1030
    To today's technology level, the most successful GPS receivers using two chips. Although a single chip (monolithic) products also exist, but its performance is not with the current two-chip products using comparable. NemeriX take full advantage of SiGe (silicon germanium) technology, combined with the use solution for the standard two-grain CMOS technology. In a typical application, the receiver and processor can be combined with special software to use.
    . Model: NJ1006 (RF) + NJ1030 (Baseband)
    . Sensitivity:-152dBm
    . Features: low noise amplifiers, voltage controlled oscillators and antenna detectors
    . Size: NA
    . Accuracy: Position: 10 ~ 15m
    . Operating voltage: 2.2V
. Channel: 10 satellite channels
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