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Agent's investment conditions

Agents at all levels of the conditions:
    1 have a certain economic strength of natural or corporate, a fixed office or operating stores, the ability to independently bear civil liability;
    2 with an entrepreneurial impulse and passion to succeed; with a strong ability to learn;
    3 love marketing, like the digital, the pursuit of self-ability and value. Hao Ren Tong Fork management philosophy and development goals, willing to engage in the business of digital technology industry, the company is willing to work together to develop the market.
    4, upright, honest and trustworthy, positive and optimistic. With integrity, self-discipline, cooperation and win-win situation awareness. Compliance with the company's business management practices, has a good sense of customer service, and consciously maintaining brand reputation;
    5 have a certain branding and management capacity, or have business and management experience. Agents can lower the region's domestic and foreign customers to provide the necessary advisory services, strong sense of service;
    6 to comply with state laws and regulations on management to ensure that in the region has a good market image, illegal sales practices are prohibited;
    7 willing to accept the headquarters of its audit, supervision and guidance;
    8 at any time, place, without prejudice to the interests of headquarters and in the same industry.

 agent exclusive rights
The right to return expenses: Sales to enjoy the company agreed to complete rebate and other incentives.
Franchise monopoly: to enjoy all the products developed by the headquarters of the franchise monopoly.
Image of the right to use: free use of the company's brand image recognition system provided.
Regional protection of rights: the right to operate within the region agent can be in the region set up and manage subordinate agents.
Agent priority: the same conditions, the first high-level areas have promoted the rights of agency level.
Performance incentives right: complete sales agreement, agents get company incentives.
Security Exit Right: Due to various reasons can not continue to operate, can withdraw or transfer in accordance with procedures.

Note: This company does not charge any agency fees and the initial fee.

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